Phone: +254 770 779 969, +254 020 4408894 Email:
Phone: +254 770 779 969, +254 020 4408894 Email:
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About Dorches Kennels

Welcome to Dorches Kennels, we’re breeder in Kenya accredited by East Africa Kennel Club.  As we are huge dog lovers, we breed pure breed pedigree dogs of highest specifications and standards. We are breeders of Pedigree Rottweiler, Yellow and Golden retrievers, Germany sherpeherds, Ridgebacks, Boerboels, French mustiff (Dog bourduex), springer spaniel and maniature pinture.

Our team of highly trained vets and experienced Doeland kennels has worked around the clock to make sure each and every dog is safe and having a blast at camp.

Kennels for sale

We breed and train dogs for Security, personal protection and companionship before selling it to you. We have kennel varieties from young to old trained folks.

We participate in International Dog training seminars & shows to widen our knowledge in kennels training and breeding practices. We believe in modern positive reinforcement training methods for all dogs and that every dog must be trained. Call us today and get a ready Kennels for your home guard.